"Legal stumbling block for Vaccine Mandates"

Welcome to the Wichita Newsroom at Wichita TV 7 

The recent approval by the FDA for the Pfizer Vaccine, with Moderna pending at the time of this article

to set the stage supposedly for mandatory vaccines.

However the Campaign by big brother government may have hit an obstacle,

stubbed in the toe by it's own words from previous administrations, and 

the founding document called the Bill of Rights. 

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Speaking of Bill, former U.S. Democrat President Bill Clinton

signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which barred Government, Agencies, etc

from enforcing or imposing their will on your or your faith beliefs.

This wasn't a Religious Right president, but a straight liberal ...lol (no pun intended)

And now with U.S.  President Joe Biden's pressure campaign to push 

the Vaccine Agenda, is good for some who may really need the preventative treatment,

however the people who may have already built up natural immunity by putting their Faith in the Holy One

are now being attacked, and some being forced to compromise their immunity with Covid Spike Proteins.

The current administration is even calling on jobs to mandate vaccines, 

putting Millions of Faith -Based families in jeopardy, if not for the passage

of the Religious Freedom bills in this country.

Contact your State's Secretary of State 

to find out what is required to register to get covered 

and remember, the Department of Labor protects from Workplace bullying.

Article written by: Jason Lightbearer-Wichita TV 7

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