Workplace Retaliation: Leading cause of Worker Complaints

The work shortage crisis has to do obviously with the impact of Covid

but it has also exposed an ongoing epidemic, not only in Wichita

but around the Country, and that's "Workplace Retaliation"


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According to recent stats, the EEOC receives approx.12,574 sexual harassment claims every year

the most common complaint received on record is Retaliation.

The Mental Health on employees is already draining enough with the day in day out grunge 

only to go to work to be bullied, intimidated or harassed by someone on a typical ego power trip.

In, the state of Kansas, many on the job have become normalized to Workplace Bullying.

Even on jobs to where the public perception is "hey that job is my dream job"

only to find out it may be your worst Nightmare.

If you have been a victim of Workplace Bullying

don't be afraid to Speak Up.

you may also contact here in Kansas 

your local or nearest Kansas Human Rights Commission for Evaluation of your situation.

Article written by: Jason Lightbearer-Wichita TV 7

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