Violence in Wichita: How DJ's and Rap Music 

have brought Violence to the Clubs in Old Town

Over the past Labor Day, local media outlets reported a shooting at Club Enigma.

It was reported that one was killed leaving many others wounded.

We reached out to people in the community who were there that night,

including one of the DJ responsible for promoting the party.

Violence in the clubs in Wichita is nothing new, years ago the WPD tried to run an operation 

to close down clubs with repeat incidents of violence, including shootings and brawls.

There was even a campaign to shut down clubs by a certain time, 

or to ban the playing of "Gangsta Rap" all together.

We tried to reach DJ Cadence, one of the Core DJ's in Wichita

to see if they had any remorse for the types of music

that have contributed to this Violent Culture .

We also got reports from a Cheryl Downey, whose daughter was grazed

by a bullet, and was blessed to make it home.

We wanna here from you, do you agree with a past 

conversation we had with Councilman Brandon Johnson

who believes that Gangsta Rap has no barring

on the actions of the youth who listen to this type of music

that glorifies the Drug life, and kill at will mentality.

Article written by: Jason Lightbearer- Wichita Newsroom/Wichita TV 7

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