Meet Lisa D.

Hello, Everyone! I pray this greeting reaches you in Good Health Mind, Body, and Soul!

I am a Wichita Native born and raised. I'm the daughter of a PK (Pastor's Kid), so I travelled alot.

I have 3 beautiful blessed children and an Amazing Husband whom I love dear! I have a degree in Social 

Media Strategy and am currently seeking to better myself in further schooling and training as I seek to pursue

advertising with Thru Tha Grapevine Advertising.

      I make NO apologies to serving Jehovah, and will be the First to admit

my inspirations are Holy Ghost inspired.

I enjoy God in the Beauty in All things via artwork, photography, and music. 

As Co Owner of Wichita Tv 7 LLC, it brings me Joy to reach out to and help so many people of so 

many different walks of life. It's humbling, and it teaches me how to communicate with You the Viewers!

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