Female bias in Kansas Courts

Is Kansas really a Women's State? Many male residents and women believe so.

November 15th, 2021

Wichita, Kansas ---

As the  holidays approach at the same time Covid-19 maybe running it's last course, the true ongoing epidemic is still surging all across Kansas,

Family separation due to Court rulings by the 18th District Judicial Court, and the separation of

child support from visitation.

Child custody case studies show a wide disparity nationwide on the judgements found in awarding 65% of primary custody to the female, while in Kansas that percentage is way higher, in the 70 percent range. Like Georgia, Oklahoma, and Idaho, Kansas has one of the highest disparities when awarding residential custody to the Mother, even though Kansas law doesn't grant "Full Custody", the obstacles setup in court rulings , police arrest , and the usage of PFA's, PSA's and restraining orders have made it nearly impossible for fathers to win in court, especially when most motions or filings in Family Law Court don't require having an attorney or lawyer present.

I reached out to Cordell & Cordell Family law Department, who are well known advocates for father's rights in Wichita. I wasn't able to get direct phone interview, but through their website, they acknowledge  the ongoing need to have better legal representation for father's in custody battles. Even when a "Non-Custodial" parent is granted visitation after filing a separate motion, Law Enforcement from Wichita Police Dept. do not have to enforce the order if there is not specific "language" from the court stating this order can be enforced by law enforcement, WPD officers told us it's a civil issue and they can only file a report if other parent violates visitation.

The recent rise in homelessness can also be attributed to men who are put  on Child Support at an astronomical rate so high that they can't even afford housing. I spoke with four men from the URM (Union Rescue Mission), a Men's homeless shelter,  those men went on to tell me that being homeless was a direct effect of high child support, while being denied to see their children due to what they believe as "a bitter ex, and a court system in favor of Women".

I will continue to follow this story for Wichita TV 7/ LNC News.

  If you are someone suffering from emotional abuse due to a bitter spouse

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