Back To School Jitters...

This article is to discuss "Pandemic Parenting" 

School is back in session, and the FDA just approved the usage of vaccines for 16 year olds and older,

under what some considered public pressure or political  persuasion.

 The public trust has been tested over the past 3 years, dealing with

the media perception, political chaos, and now public intrusion 

say many of our readers here in the Middle of America.

Thus leading many to being homeschooling , private school, or Internet learning.


The divide behind vaccines, the outlook on the medical field and even the 24/7 media cycle

is enough to drive the average working american up the wall

however, the fact that we are dealing with a public health crisis is not a myth.

The comments from the current President Joe Biden suggest that

mandatory workplace vaccines are on the horizon,

or faces consequences (paraphrasing from 8/23 public address by POTUS).

The war to end Covid will NOT be solved by hateful social media opinions

however, preventive measure must be considered for our little ones

who are generally more mature during these times 

than most adults. jus sayin lol.

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