"Homeless in the Heat"

For many the comfort of air conditioning, swimming pools,

or even a simple box fan is taken for granted.

However, there is a hidden society in Wichita, KS 

and that is the homeless society.

Look for a New Job or a New Career 


Unlike most cities, the Wichita community really tends 

to it's homeless society, however over the years 

the homeless population has been displaced in various

parts of Wichita, but the central location has 

always been downtown.

Even with all of the resources spent or raised by 

organizations like Humankind, Union Rescue Mission

or other Non-Profits raising money ( some also paying staff/board members first),

many of those homeless can be seen in plain site

seeking relief under a tree, building, or bus stop

One of the biggest obstacles for the City is how to

address finding housing for the homeless, meanwhile 

the city spent $10 Million in STAR Bonds for a Golf Course.

With all the abandoned buildings around town, 

and empty real-estate due to housing violations,

it leaves the community to ask what is the 

real motive to keeping city owned land with taxpayer money

and not utilizing it the right way.

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article written by: Jason Lightbearer -Wichita TV7 

© Copyright WichitaTV7