Kansas College Dropouts:

Why people in Wichita are Graduating High School while dropping out of Universities 

Now that students are returning back and finishing up on their first semester of 

in-person learning, it appears that High School Graduation in Wichita are on the Rise

According to recent studies done in Kansas going county by county,

Wichita Public Schools showed an increase of student graduation from

2018-19 school which showed only 75.3% of students graduating, as oppose to a new

study showing 80.5% student graduating from USD 259.

This recent report is good news for high school parents, educators and students, 

however, the average graduation rate for Kansas colleges is only 49.55%. 

The average student who attends college in Kanas, only 25% of the students 

actually transfer to another school out of state. 

Most students from the inner-city or urban neighborhoods tend 

to struggle with the cost of living while attending school. Some are also conflict 

with having children and struggling to find early child care, or 

either dropout to find a job to feed their families. 

I wanna hear from you if you dropped out of school,

are you making plans to go back, found a new career,

or have you given up on your goals all together to work a dead end job? 

Contact me at lncnewsroom@yahoo.com

or gimmie a call at 316-573-3150 at our Newsroom.

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