Wichita Pastor leads Church into action in helping the Neighborhood 

We had the privilege of going to an open house at New Life Church, home of the ACTION Center.

Tonight we took a guided tour showcasing the current and future

ministry work being done at the ACTION Center at New Life Church,

a non-profit organization providing resources for youth, homeless and families

in North Wichita.

The tour was given by Sandra Felder, the lead organizer of the Action Center,

walked us through the youth floor or 2.5 floor. 

The youth floor, where we viewed the youth library, down syndrome room, multi-purpose/sanctuary, 

play room, and movie lounge rooms.

I met with Otis Dailey, youth leader at the Action Center, he spoke about being a youth leader in Wichita,

his passion for the City and the upcoming Christmas play at New Life Church.

Kitchen and Concession Stand

The Underground Cafe 

The end of the tour guided us to kitchen in the "Underground Cafe", where 

on this Wednesday people from all around town came to get a hot meal at 6pm.

One of the signature meals there is the famous "Butter Burger" which is served at the concession stand,

as the Action Center also offers sports and recreation in it's super clean and spacious gym, the gym host competitions every Sunday

from 5pm-9pm and has bathrooms with showers available for use for all who need them.

Time is money, and if you don't have the money, the Action Center welcomes your talents

to refurbish and revitalize the Church, Neighborhood and our Youth.

To help the ACTION Center you can donate to

Cash App$NewLife316 or by texting the amount to 84321

you may also give by check or money order mail to:

A.C.T.I.O.N Center 1156 North Oliver street Wichita, KS 67208

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