County Funding themselves...instead of the Community ?

Welcome to the Wichita Newsroom for Wichita TV 7, 

Earlier today we joined the Sedgwick County Staff meeting,

and county spending was at the forefront.

County Commissioner Lacey Cruse, brought up staffing for county health workers,

which was met with mixed reviews from those attending online.

Many of the Taxpayers have been questioning the decision of 

elected officials regardless of Federal, State or Local 

on using Public assistance funds from Covid Relief to enrich Government Organizations.

The City of Wichita just proposed taking funds given to the city to

hire more Police Officers, and build a new police sub station

During the last part of discussion, the County acknowledge

that it does NOT have an Ethics Policy for it's employees or "Organization"  says one commissioner. 

Meanwhile, it appeared County Commissioner Jim Howell seemed to defend

not having an ethics policy saying " having an ethics policy set a standard of being perfect"

however numerous Taxpayers during the online chat accused him of double talking.

Lets us know how you feel

Article written by : Jason Lightbearer LNC News/ Wichita TV 7 LLC 

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